Selling 130 [ 86 Dung ] [ 33 Effigys ]

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Selling 130 [ 86 Dung ] [ 33 Effigys ]

Post  Zebra on Sat Oct 29, 2011 11:57 pm

Hello Im Selling this This Level 130 , If you are interested Then Please Leave an Offer , You Will get all the Past Original Information and Current.

If You Want we can Do a Recovery Test with a OMM Or Mod if you want.

Im Quitting Runescape and Selling it for RSGP , But il Re-sale the GP To Trusted Members, If you are a Trusted member Wanting to buy this account then il Accept Paypal.

Thanks Goodluck Offering.

Im Also Not the Original Owner of this Account " Bludderz " is and He is Trusted So if i Do Hack it Back , You can Contact Him!



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