Zebra's Dice Stalling Guide

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Zebra's Dice Stalling Guide Empty Zebra's Dice Stalling Guide

Post  Zebra on Tue Nov 01, 2011 10:28 pm

Hello Im Selling a Guide How to Dice Stall When Doing Wagers/Dice Duels

I Believe it makes you Roll High 75% Of The Time As iv Made Around 400M in 2 Days Of Dice Stalling.
I Have Made the Guide and There is Pictures But im Not sure How To Attach a Video to a Word Document so il have to send you the Video Separately.

Cheap Guide 10M : 1 Person Only

Guide Price : 15M

Just a Few Rolls i Did While Showing CrackBabys4Sale The Dice Stalling.
Zebra's Dice Stalling Guide 2mpexwk

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