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Post  Axe on Tue Oct 18, 2011 4:32 pm

I dont understand why people complain about herblore costing over 100M or crazy amounts like that.

The CHEAPEST way to level herblore is cleaning herbs. Dont be fooled that this way is "fucking slow" , cleaning herbs can be a very fast method with over 150k xp/hour (depends on herb, internet speed & computer speed) while MAKING YOU PROFIT.

I suggest having 25-30M cash to buy large amounts of herbs so you dont have to constantly go to GE and restock.
There is a 10k Limit for herbs every 4 hours so try buying in forum or having your friends get you another 10k.

Here is a list of required levels to clean certain herbs and the xp they give for cleaning.

Herb - Lvl to clean - XP

Guam - 3 - 2.5
Marrentill - 5 - 3.8
Tarromin - 11 - 5
Harralander - 20 - 6.3
Ranarr - 25 - 7.5
Toadflax - 30 - 8
Spirit Weed - 35 - 7.8
Irit - 40 - 8.8
Wergali - 41 - 9.5
Avantoe - 48 - 10
Kwuarm - 54 - 11.3
Snapdragon - 59 - 11.8
Cadantine - 65 - 12.5
Lantadyme - 67 - 13.1
Dwarf Weed - 70 - 13.8
Torstol - 75 - 15
Fellstalk - 91 - 16.8

The best herbs to clean while making profit or with very little loss (from what I've done so far)
are Irit, Harralander, Dwarf weed....You can also try Cadantine, Avantoe, Toadflax.
You can do a test yourself with 5-10 herbs to see if they sell but its still not guaranteed as people may not be buying later.

People usually buy clean herbs as they cant be bothered cleaning them so they raise its price giving you less disprofit/more profit.

Heres a little pic to show you what I'm talking about.

Herblore EXTREME Cheap Mm74zo

As you can see I made a little profit (~20k) with 10k irits while getting 88k herblore xp.
And 56K xp with cadantines @ 107k disprofit. (2 gp per 1 xp, expensive?)

The best script for herb cleaning is:

RSBuddy - CodeCleaner - The Ultimate Script Repository

Go to a very low ping world, not crowded place (varrock west bank), use minimum graphics in rs and you will have over 20k herbs/hour cleaned with over 300k xp/hour if you use irit/cadantine.

Herblore is a low banrate skill so I think botting it shouldnt be dangerous, Ive used the script for cleaning for over 7 hours straight.

For making pots, best free script:

RSBuddy - AHerblore - The Ultimate Script Repository

This script can get 13,5k herbs/hour cleaning but I suggest the other script for this job.

I dont recommend Attack potions (25 xp for pot) as they are VERY slow and you make disprofit.
You can also do Serum 207s (50 xp for pot) but making them is all loss since they are untradeable and again I dont recommend this.

If you have the cash and dont care about it you can make high level potions (Super restore (3)) or Prayer potions for VERY fast xp using the above script.

Refer to my other guide for some money making ways:)


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Post  IceyCold on Wed Oct 19, 2011 5:00 pm

Thanks for the guide and always check the GE ingame price first before buying herbs so you know you will make a profit.

Herblore EXTREME Cheap Iceycoldfinal
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Post  Zebra on Thu Oct 27, 2011 2:27 pm

Nice Guide Thank you

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