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Luring guide make MILLS! Empty Luring guide make MILLS!

Post  Axe on Tue Oct 18, 2011 4:29 pm

Clan wars lure #1

For this lure you will need some decent mage gear and anchients. Its always good to have one other person helping you barrage/Blitz the dude who is being lured. You will need another account to do the actual luring. The account doing the luring (trying to get the person into clan wars dangerous portal) will say some thing like "fuck this game!" and then something like "I quit! Giving away my bank!". Someone will see this and say. "Dude I will take your bank". You then want to say "Kill me in the dangerous clan wars portal beacause if we trade you might get banned for RWT". So if he follows you in just run over the little barrier thing into the dangerous place and he will follow. The other 2 player who have been waiting with barrage/blitz will then barrage the dude who thinks he is getting lots of money and k0 him! You will get whatever he had on him. It will take time but I have lured over 40m doing this method.

1. I am no longer going to be adding stuff to this guides as this is now the only good working method of luring.

2. When people die here they drop ALL there items. They do keep three items!

3. It's not multi until the victim goes north to were you should be standing. (So you can see the glowing barrier thing but not the portal. The extra Barrager is incase he knows it's a scam and brings in a mate to k0 everyone. I have done that before! Awesome! Got santa hat + bandos from a dude Very Happy

4. I dont think people can Teleport out![/b]

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